TUR.ID. Example

TURing IDentification test to distinguish between humans and computers

A valid and funnier alternative to visual CAPTCHAs, without any accessibility issue.

Please complete the following text with the correct words.

Vice for 
To him no temple 
Or altar smoked; yet who more oft than he
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Download TUR.ID. implementation (PHP) v 0.1 by Daniele C. (aka legolas558)


This example uses (randomly) the following sources to create TUR.ID. tests:

Your users are unlikely to understand and complete the Divina Commedia's or the Paradise Lost's texts, so it is strongly suggested to use a wide range of common texts (e.g. from online newspapers, if you have the permission) to implement your tests.

The class is enough extensible and powerful (it is initalized passing a custom callback to the constructor) to allow the usage of any custom source for the random senteces:

You can of course customize everything else, the number of replaced words and the number of alternatives.

Give a look to the current source code (SVN)


TUR.ID. is free software, released under the GNU/LGPL license (read it)

If you are using TUR.ID. in your software a line of credits would be nice to be seen.


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TUR.ID. is Copyright © 2007 by legolas558
This software is licensed under the GNU/LGPL license